Construction Management

Introduction of advanced management techniques is an important task for construction companies at the present stage of their development, regardless of their size and scale of operations. New technologies allow the management real estate players to reduce costs, optimize time and reduce the risks associated with construction projects. Solving these problems helps the information contained in the books listed below Construction Management 1. The Book 'Managing investment and construction projects: an international approach' This book presents a set of practical solutions in the management of international projects on all phases of their implementation, including: concept development, modern organizational structures, pre-investment preparation, organization of management (including monitoring and change management), development of project documentation, dates, costs, resources, personnel, communications (including software), risks, safety, logistics, manufacturing operations, analysis and generalization of experience, English-Russian dictionary of technical terms, the constituent elements of success for any modern construction project. The authors describe the six key concepts of construction management: planning and control of timing, financial planning and management cost, quality and efficiency, health and safety, assessment and monitoring of the environment, information technology and communications. The book gives an approach to the development and application of systems management for each of these management functions. We also discuss the impact of management systems for organization and human resources. The book is intended for managers and managers of construction companies, teachers, graduate students and students of universities, as well as anyone interested in building management systems.

3. Book 'pricing and cost estimates in the construction of' The book outlines the basis of pricing, methods, and examples of budgeting in the Russian Federation. Clearly shows the elements of regulatory and procedural framework in estimating the cost of construction products. Explains the rules for determining the volume construction works. The foundations of the organization contractors bidding for construction. Are examples of budgeting from civil engineering and construction and repair to the repair and restoration work. The book is intended for a wide range of economists, engineers, managers, students, teachers, students refresher courses and retraining, as well as practitioners and entrepreneurs in investment and construction.