Concept Of Uberzeugendem Thanks: Crowdlending Growth Accelerates

Over 500,000 people have signed up now for the largest marketplace for loans to private in Germany and prove it: Crowdlending is the credit financing in the future. More than 10,000 loans were funded by More and more users, whether investors or borrowers recognize your advantage: better interest rates. Virtually everyone does it. Virtually everyone has already once privately lent money in his life, or recorded a credit.

Many go to the usual way: to the Bank. In the age of the Internet where portals such as eBay or networks like facebook are an everyday, it is logical to provide a marketplace for loans. Exactly what did the auxmoney GmbH and meanwhile launched the largest portal for Crowdlending in Germany in March 2007. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious. Individuals meet other individuals a credit request. The interest is not paid on an anonymous bank, but directly to people.

Five years after the founding of auxmoney GmbH more than 300,000 members had signed up. Now, a year later, already 500,000 members take advantage of the possibility of credit financing from private to private. Read more here: Vladislav Doronin. The formulated in January 2012 target in 2015 ‘ Member millionaire to be, can forward the Managing Director of auxmoney GmbH, Philipp Kriependorf, left for a few months. We watch with joy, as the interest in our marketplace is steadily,”Kariuki commented on this development. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 loans of our market place were made possible. Our biggest challenge is yet to make known the offer for investors and borrowers”, Kariuki describes the current situation. You must explain the commercial value, borrowers and investors at auxmoney, not long. Interest rates are better. Investors are getting higher returns and borrowers get a cheaper credit than at a bank. The great thing here is that both win,”Kariuki explains the simple but compelling concept. About GmbH auxmoney, is the leading German online marketplace for loans from private persons to private persons. Credit-seekers to its application as a credit project” set and investors can invest with amounts from 50 euro. The potential returns are higher than at a bank. The interest rate using a reverse auction can sink in fully funded projects. loans from private to private