Computers Maintenance

It is very common to hear users complaining about the slowness of your computer or if your appliance is not working as it should, without thinking that the reason why it works well is because they have not done you the necessary cleaning and maintenance so that the computer is correct. Why is so important to the maintenance of the equipment especially in the offices. Maintenance of computers also encompasses cleaning tasks. But from here, alert to all those who want to do it at home with programs through the Internet that you’re staying alert because not all programs are effective and many of them are false and also include spyware that tear the information of your computer. Through a window that alerts the user that is finished cleaning, the fake program of cleaning process, is cheating and spying the contents of users. For this reason, should be careful with programs that are lower on the Internet and with the opinion of the same. We recommend that, before you start to clean your PC, you reports which are the guarantees of the program and experience in teams that each one. These are basic points lois for a good maintenance of computers..