Computers In Schools

So slow becomes technology our Argentine schools which, while in neighbouring countries children now use personal computers, here we begin to talk about them. Except, course, private schools catering to children from families with high purchasing power. Ministry of education levels there are movements that indicate that you have already started the search for trainers for the use of ICT. heavy gear training of teachers begins to reiterate a familiar path. The Constitution of teams-the trainers-, organization of courses, materials, technology, the transfer of teachers and trainers, etc all do so with obvious economic dispensing and distribution of time. In schools, the reality is different.

poor children already know how to use computers because they learned in the cibers. Teachers who conducted courses on the education portal there tested the use of ICT in the classroom in platforms – learning; the teachers of computing, that give classes in cabinets paid for the cooperating school, have already tested the thousand and one ways of teaching with few computers and three or four children sitting around a monitor. In short, each one – children and teachers – made their own way of training in the use of computers autogestionando as best they could do. The training began from the moment in which one of the teachers of each school began to make their way. The conception of the school as a team of teachers capable of self-management has not yet been destroyed. Teachers who first learned have transmitted their knowledge to others coming behind the topic. Today all teachers have their personal computer and use it on a daily basis. Put all the teachers to work with children knowledge, are multiplied because kids already know much and teachers, also know how to learn from them.

What is lacking are computers. Elementary. Without them we cannot do it. I will reverse what is invested in the formation of teams of trainers. Without computers cannot be the miracle. Save the money for the training is possible because teachers are already trained. It will not be one hundred percent functional plant from each school, but in all of them, there are several teachers who are it. Only need computers to achieve the multiplier effect – miraculous indeed – Argentine teachers are costumbrados to perform. Perhaps were teachers not who bought books when children could do it? Perhaps were teachers not who gave food in makeshift kitchens when hunger rampant, and no one had discovered it? Today only needed computers in the poorest schools.