The history of the organizations and the man always was marked by the incited competition and the wars, sharing with the world of the businesses the same objectives: survival and victory. The increasing competition, from years 80, compelled the companies to invest heavy to become competitive. In function of these investments, the competitive strategies had gained credibility, having started to be one of the crucial factors of survival in the corporative world. The objective of this research is to serve as base of informative support to the administrators, entrepreneurs and students, is to demonstrate to the origin of the competitiveness and the importance of being competitive to guarantee the survival in the day the day. This boarding will make possible one good agreement and greater knowledge on subject, beyond vision of environment enterprise that makes possible a bigger reflection and better use of the existing strategies, that in accordance with vary the historical moment and the vision of each author, for this reason is important to understand the facts descriptions related to the competitiveness. The research in question is to multidiscipline for working with disciplines of Administration, Biology and History, is pure, for increasing the theoretical body of quarrel, bibliographical matrix for analyzing books, magazines and periodicals and has a elucidative historical treatment. In such a way the subject: ' ' Competitiveness: determinative factor for the survival of the organizations and homem' ' it is a empolgante subject, therefore it will present the competition, evolution and adaptation that animal, men and organizations they had needed to suffer since the beginning of the times to continue existing.