Coco Chanel

Since the woman has reached career heights, perhaps one of her cherished dreams always have succeed. Therefore, you can donate a sculpture symbolizing the goddess of success or success – a sculpture lioness. Such a gift is a symbol will always display made by women, and further victories. Can dream on another topic mentioned at the beginning of a woman – Coco Chanel. Her name is known all self-respecting woman, associated with it not only the power and benefits, but also a trendy style, confidence in the future and their feelings. Perhaps the better word would be a perfect motto Coco for your boss: "The main thing for a woman – always work.

Only work gives pep and spirit, in turn, cares about the fate of the body. " The beautiful frame beautifully written, calligraphy, silk-based, will please the eye and soul. The third step is to gifts, even trite, but it is always always a favorite topic of women, including those who are in power, – the flowers and everything associated with them. Rarely, when there is a beautiful lady with the indifference of receptive flowers. Let's not talk about the bouquets, as some holidays, they are an official application. How about flowers in pots? They can serve ornament not only study, but also houses and apartments. Some plants are simply very beautiful, others are good for health, others carry a hidden meaning.

For example, chrysanthemums and violets – are considered symbols of wisdom, elevated dignity. No exception and properly drawn up ikebana. For health can choose – monster, arrowroot, Chlorophytum, aloe, which will be just perfect to clean indoor air. And relax for a while distract from the work presented will help house plants conifers – fir, cedar, Thuja. They fill the air smell of pine needles, in addition, will reduce the number of negative ions emanating from the computer or TV. Also want to remember about the vases: they tend to fight and when to bring flowers festival, always get lost, where to put them. For female boss is always useful, desirable and necessary gift. The vase can be selected image of her interesting topic for the recipient of: decorated with flowers or painted in Japanese style, just one color … Also pay attention to size – large, spacious rooms for podoydeet, small always find a place on the table. When the choice is made, do not forget to come up with a warm, kind, and at the same time an official greeting, without which no one present will not be perceived as necessary.