Clocks and Watches

Clock – an indispensable accessory of modern man, which so often changes its appearance, are increasingly adding features that rely on the latest fashion. It is already difficult to surprise the most common round dial, but strange, too, decorated with stones and engraving. Nothing stands still, and with them a rapidly growing world of watches. People have become otherwise applies to hours, now they are an indication of your status. Man become more discriminating in choosing hours. What to say, if it is possible to meet a watch that displays the binary code. These watches specially for people addicted to computers.

At first view these watches are similar to conventional metal plates, which are inserted into holes colored diodes. Well, so if we talk about the unusual hours, we can not say a word also about those which provide a small needle. She comes from the case and gently poke in the skin of a person as many times as now, at this time. Such a clock clearly for madmen. Just a huge popular collapsible hours. Each arrow, as expected, is responsible for the hours, minutes or seconds. But they are not next, but on separate dials.

For each direction – his own. Yes to these hours will need time to get used to that. However, these instances with complex functions, of course, equipped with technically more sophisticated devices, such as a chronograph, thermometer, power reserve, and even map the night sky. Steep and watch unimaginable without the tourbillon with which precision is close to ideal, so and without such simple functions as a calendar. Conventional calendars display the date, days, months, moon phase, but also require constant adjustment. Annual sufficient to establish once a year. Also bring joy to the carrier clock can, and such features as a function of the reserve, moon phases, tachometer, Heart Rate Monitor, a calculator and, of course, nice-sounding repeater. For each person can pick up watches for all tastes, from classic Swiss watches ending trendy multifunction watch.