We can affirm in way simpler than it would be a set of objects with the same characteristics, thus we will know to identify objects and to group them, of form to find its respective classrooms. In Unified Modeling Language (UML) in classroom diagram, a classroom is represented by a rectangle with three divisions, is they: The name of the classroom, its attributes and finally the methods. They see below in the Figura1 its representation: Figure 1 – Classroom Customers Because it is so important we find the classrooms for the development of a system? It is simple, therefore each classroom of the diagram represents a table of the data base, for this reason is so important to find. It also observes that to identify a classroom, we before need to identify its objects with similar characteristics. When analyzing a scene, we will be able to identify innumerable objects, however nor all object it will be useful for our diagram of classroom, this classification of the objects that we will use is called Abstraction. Abstraction is the form to concentrate only in the essential aspects of our scene. For the development of our diagram of classroom, we will need a scene any where we will carry through step by step until abstrairmos all the classrooms, from this point, will be able to effect the linkings and cardinalidade.

2.CENRIO You work for a development company as Analyst of Systems. The responsible one for the sector that you work, in a meeting, distributed tasks for each member of the team. Its task was to develop a classroom diagram so that the development of a new software is initiated. The company who contracted in them, desires to acquire certificate ISO 9001 in quality, however one of the repassed norms was that, she must be obligator to control the support order/service that are made by the customers.