Chinese Trucks

There are various points of view. Some say that Chinese machines generally unsuitable for use. Others argue the opposite. Try to understand what a Chinese trucks in fact, and Howo, in particular. Until late 2007, Chinese factories produced cars with engines of Euro-2, as well as more modern, relevant norms of Euro-3. Currently, all the Chinese factories can dump cars divided into three major groups of the group.

Occupy leading positions, upgraded with Japanese companies and manufacturing trucks licensed from Isuzu, company. Quality of the products out there is at a high level. Even better made cars gathered at the Sino-Japanese and Sino-European enterprises. However, their cost is too high for Russian consumers. And finally, the third group – automobile assembly and auto repair. In China, many of them. Externally products looks quite decent, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

Today, the cheapest trucks and tractors from China are no more expensive than Russian trucks in its class. But the machines from China, as a rule, are more economical. According to the build quality Chinese trucks that Be have spoken, do not yield products of Russian factories. Say more, if Russian producers trucks urgently improve the quality of assembly of their cars and start to install them modern diesel engines, then they soon will not be able to compete with Chinese automakers. Build quality Chinese trucks correlated with the quality of Japanese and European factories. Chinese trucks – the right choice for those who appreciate high quality and reliability at an affordable and competitive price!