China’s Coolest Phone

We consider several possibilities of how to transform a cell unit of China's coolest phone at least in appearance. Cell phone water scrubbing in the kitchen is not very useful if you are definitely not the master cellular communications nokia e73 tv or Ericsson 250 and 310 – water easily get through a cell phone, that probably makes you a thorough repair. of course, much depends on the corporation, and of a certain modification, and basic, on luck. It is permissible to use alcohol. But it is better not to use it as a quick thanks to the evaporation of the mobile unit may remain gray stains and plaque – so that certainly does not gloss over the machine. Where applicable discuss substances such as fuel and diesel oil.

Can not indulge in them! Once on the outside of the cell phone, these drugs are eating away at one-minute-sensitive plastic. About all kinds of solvents as launderers tools for cellular devices can always forget. Mild brining. In most cases, sends a small grease and dirt, dust in the crevices. If you have a model with removable panels, it is easy to pull them out, soap and brush thoroughly in the sink.

The main thing – then they both should be drier, so that the liquid did not penetrate the PCB and micro-chip phone. If you can not remove the panels, then take a small and the small piece of cotton to help her in the soapy water. Off ahead of time recommended by the mobile device and get the battery.