Charles Darwin

When loan time is insufficient, the term may be extended by 15 days. In addition, if the book is not in the libraries, all offer the possibility of interlibrary loan. Something similar happened in paragraphs of safety and cleanliness (both qualified with a regular). In four of the five centers studied were not security cameras inside or outside the library (or at least not advertised on posters), nor emergency exits. Also lacked emergency lighting on the premises of one of the libraries included in the report and two fire extinguishers were not anywhere; In addition, shortage of doors also had fire, water sprinklers, fire hydrants and smoke detectors.

As for cleaning (which also won a regular), although facilities were in a proper state of maintenance, one of the centers had dirty toilets and lighting of the rooms was poor. But the most important it is that the State of maintenance in that some of the materials (books, DVDs and CDs) were was regular and further funds were not placed on the shelves. In information (valued with a regular), CONSUMER EROSKI technicians conducted a test practical search for a book in the ordenadores-catalogo of libraries (the origin of species, Charles Darwin, for the University libraries and the Perfume, Patrick Suskind, for the rest is chosen). Two unique libraries where you could use an ordenador-catalogo, found the simplicity of system management, however, in one the attention of staff was very poor. In terms of signage, in two visited libraries they did not have posters in view of the user where indicated how to find the different rooms of the library, and there was not even panels where the existence of a suggestion box or a book of claims will bring in four. The situation is improving in accessibility (with a very well). And it is that the doors of access and interiors of all studied centers as well as the space between the shelves were wide enough to allow a person in a wheelchair is moved without problems. The best and worst of libraries in best Lo Alicante: these five libraries accessibility measures are very positive and noteworthy (ramps to save stairs, spacious halls to allow a wheelchair to pass?). The worst: Alicante fails especially in the rest of paragraphs in the report: Services (three of the centres do not have a catalog computerized available of the public), information (posts damaged computer and the treatment by the staff of the library quite improvable), security (there were many fire extinguishers emergency) and cleaning (books cluttered and out of place in two of the five centres visited).