Bulletin Board

Entire marketing campaign requires planning: be well clear goal to then measure the results. Electronic newsletter should also reflect and support the objective of the business: must be able to clearly justify and defend the purpose behind each email that is sent to subscribers. There can be multiple calls to action in each electronic newsletter and must be effective and clear, but not stalkers or insistent. The bulletin is not a sales letter or a magazine, sales are made from the landing page and the colors and photos must be sober, sometimes a single image summarizes the entire message that we describe with words. Let us see what an e-newsletter should contain: must have a clear and recognizable business objective. It must support this business objective at 100%.

You must include multiple calls to action. The calls to action on the Bulletin Board must be clear, but not stalkers. You must have a design that is attractive to the eye and that appeals to the people. This design should be similar to your website, then there will be no cut-off, and the relationship between the two will be clear. A design according to the landing page. Illustrative and relating images to enhance the display of the reader.

It must be easy to navigate with short paragraphs, bullets and blanks. Content should provide value oriented properly to the purpose for which it is submitted and be fully relevant for the Subscriber, catch the reader and wrap it. It must promote two-way communication and build community with things such as surveys, consultations, links to discussion forums and ways of providing answers/communication with the editor. There must be a balance between the promotional and content in text (this also includes images), the rule is 60-40%. The bulletin must have an appropriate length to be read online, usually 2 or 3 pages. Include tools to capture readers, such as surveys, links to discussion forums and ways to provide answers or communication with editors. Be of manageable length to read online, between 2 and 3 printed sheets. If your newsletter is not captivating, people will hardly be motivated to read it. The sole purpose of a newsletter should be generating a conversation with the reader. An email is not made to sell, but to generate action that is to go to the landing page and then generate sales.