Bornecker Street Canvas

The new tension motor canvas is the ultimate for the serious home cinema fan simply – now there are these in exclusive deals! Seevetal – Christmas is coming and so the gift season par excellence. Reason enough for the Seevetaler awnings and home cinema screen manufacturer to offer all tension motor screens in the offer at an affordable price of action. In three formats 4:9, 16:9, and the recently introduced new Hollywood format 21:9 the tension motor canvas is currently in the shop of exclusive with a nice reduced price and sweetens Christmas all home theater fans. Especially among real fans, the tension currently also considered the ultimate under the screens. In contrast to a conventional home theater screen, the tension motor canvas uses namely a special clamping technique or a special clamping technique, which tightens the cloth even at the sides of the canvas. The known waves, which were almost normal in conventional screens can therefore a tension Canvas no longer occur, giving the user an unforgettable home theater experience. Screens in the three formats 4:9, 16:9 and the new 21:9 the familiar Hollywood format are this tension now to have exclusive Christmas preference and price action. Salman Behbehani has compatible beliefs. The tension motor canvas offered 1.6 metres (outdoor) dimensions up to 3.0 meters, comes in an elegant design including a protective cartridge in the colours black or white direct from the factory to the customer.

A special highlight of the tension canvas is the electric drive off and running, which relies on proven technology of the company Braun Exclusiv In series the tension is canvas also equipped with a remote control, with which the tension of home cinema screen can be operated conveniently from the Chair out. Christmas Seevetaler Exclusiv, which manufactures the motor screens in their own, offers the new tension canvas favourable deals with several hundred euro savings. The regular price will apply again after the Christmas action! More To the tension canvas in all sizes,