Blu Television

The unequivocal answer to the question of what television is better to buy, no. The first thing you need to decide what will be used for TV – to show movies in DVD, watching TV, you get to using the house antenna or satellite TV, a computer screen. Depends on this choice of model. Movies with lots of scenes of car chases, fights better displayed on plasma TVs. A television signal (good quality) accurately reproduce the LCD screen.

Another important point – the size of the screen. If you can afford the huge screen size with polsteny, it does not guarantee that you will get what they wanted. Have value of the distance from which you watch TV, and the size of the room. Also, do not buy the TV for a year – twice. Must take into account technology, which is in its infancy, and a couple of years may be accepted standard. So far, the national television stations broadcast in a format not HDTV, and video disks in superkachestve (formats Blu-ray or HD-DVD) just gaining market share. However, many satellite channels already broadcast a picture high resolution.

DVD-format, too, soon will replace the newer formats. Please note that not all of the panels with the logo HD-ready actually support it. You can choose an ordinary flat TV with integrated HDTV-tuner that takes video and HDTV, "reduces" its quality to standard definition. This HD-TV should have a real resolution of at least 1280×720 pixels or better – 1920×1080 pixels. Response time. Liquid-crystal technology matrix such that its particles are not immediately respond to the signal sent. The sooner – the better. Otherwise, dynamic scenes, say, car chases, you would be "torn" and blurry. In summary: Pros LC: Long-term life. More robust display of static images Lower power consumption. Pros "plasma": The higher the contrast more vivid colors.