Blu Ray Play Disc

Blu ray play disc on the computer “I have a new Blu-ray drive for my PC. I vershchte displacing some DVDs and regular music CDs, and she all worked fine, but when I had three tested my new Blu ray movies, none received! And each tells me that I need a zehr expensive software. Even VLC cannot play sit. (I thought that it played everything!) Is my only option payment? $50” This is a topic on Forum published, and there are also many other rolling problems about Blu ray playback, which the user about it on other forums asked or talked. Blu ray disc is very popular all over the world, because there are large storage capacity and HD video effect. At the same time, Blu-ray drive was also published, and new computers are equipped with a. However, even if a computer has a Blu ray drive, it can not Blu ray discs or movies playing, let alone Mac computer with a Blu ray drive.

iDeer software has for a long time, the solution of Blu ray playback to find the computer and now his iDeer Blu ray Player can easily solve the problem, the player is BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) license is authorized with Blu ray. After iDeer software, there are three main reasons that a computer BD cannot be played: no Blu-ray drive. No Blu-ray playback support. Blu ray is a patented technology, but have no support for Blu-ray playback Windows and Mac operating system. So even with a Blu-ray drive, disc with region codes, can commercial Blu ray protected AACS and BD +, etc. No Internet connection. Because the Blu-ray discs are protected, discs must download the appropriate codec, decryption process specifically for the latest commercial Blu ray. Blu-ray player software the common media player, VLC media player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, KMPlayer, etc not Blu ray movies to play due to the licensing of Blu ray and Blu ray protection.