Baby Powder

If for any reason you can not take a shower, toilet handle portion kneaded with water. lotion or cologne mixed with water. n. Sine qua non of massage – the maximum relaxation massaged area: if you massage the hand, it is better to sit down and put it on your desk or bedside table, slightly bent at the elbow. If foot massage is well to lie on a couch and a little bent feet in knees and hips (under the knee can put a small pillow). In this position, leg muscle power will be maximized. Another condition for the proper massage – the maximum exposure of the massaged area. If you massage the hand, and you will certainly bare shoulder, which also must promassirovat: it is anatomically part of the hand-shoulder joint provides all of its motion for large amplitudes. Likewise, the foot massage requires its full exposure – from the toes to the gluteal muscles. In order to achieve greater effect, during a massage is recommended to use special lubricants that reduce friction between the hand massage and massaged the site. Even the ancient Greeks before the massage "umaschivali" body with olive oil. At present massage is also used oily substance – petroleum jelly, petroleum jelly, baby oil (Johnson's Baby) and powder – talcum powder, rice powder, baby powder. Although the use of powdered substances is preferable – their presence on the skin is almost not felt, not every skin is very tolerant of powders and powder, in this case it is better to use oil.