Automatic Transmission

First I would like to say thank you for what you spend your time in reading this article, review, and I can assure all that is not in vain. The modern automatic transmission, it is absolutely the most difficult part of the machines today. Automatic transmission comprise a fur. systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer control, working together in harmony, the work of de facto automatic transmission is not noticeable until a crash. For many, automatic transmission, auto manufacturers is calculated that automatic transmission oil checked every 30,000 to 40,000 miles or 60000km. Still want to monitor constantly atf, automatic transmission failures are directly related to oil (atf). ATP deficit 100g, 100g excessive amount of oil will result in damage to automatic transmission. The oil in the box for automatic transmission.

There are two types of oils such as F and Dekstron or some other Mercron. Individual auto manufacturers, require a special. developed, ATF automatic transmission for new models. With the addition of oils and automatic transmission, be very prudent, so ATP is not the case is poured onto the hot parts of the engine. If this happens it can bring fast and furious car fire. The oil in the automatic transmission is transparent or reddish color, if it is in perfect, clean condition. When the fluid in your automatic transmission is dark red or dark black, then you probably need to correct immediately change the oil in automatic transmission. Make sure the correct level of atf automatic transmission.

Often, the rod control atf has no signs or heated in hot ATP. For most models machine competently inspect the oil level in the heated atf and institutions in the auto position (p). Each manufacturer has its own automatic transmission for recommendations RELEVANT atf. GM, in most cases uses Dexron, ford until 1983 Type F, for more later models use Mercon. Chrysler is using Toyota type sometimes, (not the correct fluid for Chrysler automatic transmission is the most common vmnoy damage.). Honda has its own formula, should learn the manual machines for use to determine how ATP fill in automatic transmission, on the dipstick and oil control is written in a flooded ATF automatic transmission. All types of oils should not be confused with each other. Look for parking place in time in order to find a spot. As I already said, many manufacturers require in order to check you Number of atf, if the vehicle is operated on level ground. Pull the bar the lookout and check the ATF on the color and smell. Modern automatic transmissions have shift gears quietly under light acceleration. The sooner you suspect damage the cheaper it repaired. Even if you know that you can not afford to repair yourself you should at least ask for advice in a hundred. Technicians can give you some tips on what to do or not do to prolong the life of automatic transmission while you can not afford to repair.