Automatic Functions

The functions performed by acs include the information and control. For information functions include: – measuring (input, calculation) and analysis of the values of measured parameters and indicators of technological equipment – to display and register values of measured parameters and indicators of technological equipment; – detection, alarm, display and prompt registration of deviations of measured parameters, technological conditions and indicators of process equipment – the accumulation and storage of information about running processes and maintenance history of the process and product – Documentation current and consolidated information in the form of records and reports. Operative-technological information technology systems is the operator on the operator panel in a color graphic form (mimic trends in real time histograms, etc.) and alphanumeric form (in the form of messages). Warning and alarm is provided by the inclusion of an audio signal and a change in sign of the corresponding informational messages or mnemosimvola (eg, color change, background, flashing, etc.) to control functions include: – Automatic control of process parameters – program-logic control; – operation of locks and protection – manual remote control. Functional structure of acs depends on the amount of their functions, composition of the object management and location of its parts. The structure of acs is the principle of distributed control, according to which management tasks are divided between the programmable controllers, each of which serves a relatively self-object or group centered autonomous objects. Operational management and reporting is centralized in the dispatch room Control room. Configure controllers and control computers by engineers trc and the change in formulations together with technology of personal computers from the premises Engeneering room.

At the lower level (PLCs) perform functions that are directly related to the object of control: automated data collection and processing of measured parameters and status of equipment, automatic control parameters program-logic control, process blocking and defense. The composition functions of the lower level also includes a manual remote control of actuators, reserving control functions in case of failure of technical means of the upper level, as well as necessary during the commissioning and maintenance work. The structure features a top-level (personal computers) include operational management, centralized reporting of state technological systems. Configuration data, historical data, data provenance () product stored at the appropriate server stations in the server room (Server room). There is also a software software that performs a function with the level of plant management (ERP). Thus, the developed acs (to solve the problem of industrial automation thoughts of the object) on the structure are stacked multi-functional information management system.