The advantages of the training through internet or e-learning are numerous, thanks to the exploitation. The main features that differentiate the traditional training e-learning include the following:-synchronous communication (chat, videoconference) and asynchronous (e-mail, forums, uploads of works) xa adapt to the schedules of each one. They favor more collaboration, discussion and exchange of ideas during the course (in face-to-face classes, very limited time for reflection and doubts) Multimedia (audio, video, images) – open system (much greater flexibility, control of students and freedom to AutoArrange how come the course, when, at what pace, in what order, and that give more importance and review) independence of space, time and device (anywhere in the world(, any computer or tablet, anytime)-greater variety of resources (internet links, videos, interactive activities, glossary, interesting complementary documents, (data or fragments of text books, databases, notes with sources of supplementary info throughout the course-, repository) and latest (always latest version online) with instant and unlimited access. -Greater consistency (contained established, not varian both depending on the instructor, you can review reliably, favors more reflection, etc.)-cost content (deleted transport, texts, classrooms, facilities, equipment, distribution costs cheaper-) can promote more active learning and self-employed, presenting students real, authentic situations through case to put new knowledge in a real contextallowing that the training meets more needs and characteristics of each student, better contribute to their personal development and involvement. More focused on creating useful content than to fill out examinations.