Apago World

We will be condemned to live in a world – virtual and real – generic and tedious? This is the question that I become. In a hasty and neglect world, the people simply go, without knowing, accurately, for where they are going. They do not have time to reflect. They know that they had been themselves stops, will be stops backwards. Markets reasonable supplied and satisfied do not give more attention in new products, new new sites and blogs. All already have what they need! Few are made use to using some minutes of its scarce time to test something new. Unless he is something really notable! In the sites agregadores of notice and links I see articles and more articles of the type: ' ' As to create one blog in the Blogger' ' – ' ' Tutorial to create one blog in the WordPress' '. I am asking itself: Plus one blog pra what!? She will be that this person who is thinking about creating one blog or site has something to offer? She has some planning? Some content of value to pass ahead? mainly, will obtain to create something notable to try some success in the digital world? I doubt.

Unhappyly I am discouraged. Everything me seems equal very. Terribly generic and tedious. Same blogs with its generic and tedious texts, some few visitors with obscure personal interests leaving its commentaries only to obtain plus one link for its blogs – generic and also tedious – and if being strengthenn to seem spontaneous and ' ' understood of assunto' '. It is sad. The apago of creativity this gift in the virtual and real world. When it was the last time that you saw something notable, who called its attention? It can be an car, a program of television, a part of theater, any thing. You remember something? Not? If he does not worry, nobody remembers.