Administrative Tools

If your Internet connection is established a stable, working with programs like Skype, but pages will not load, you should try the following: First, check if you have faervolantivirusnaya program with a firewall, which may for any reason to block the activity of the browser. If the configuration is OK, but the page still loaded, then try to go to a command prompt (Start – Run – cmd / Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt) and type the command ping any ip-address: ping If you get a line of 'Reply from bytes', then try to ping In case you have installed the router at home, or ADSL modem router mode, and command line is the line 'timed out query' or 'Specified network is unavailable', then check the network propisaniya rekvezitov (ip, mask, gateway) (how to do it – you can see here), as well as state NAT service within the unit, because, perhaps, the device is online, and already on your computer (s) do not pass packets. If, in response, a message 'Unable to resolve …', then write DNS-server of the provider, or Alternatively, the properties of your connection. Also in this case, sometimes it helps perezapuskzapusk DNS-client: Start – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services – DNS-Client. If you have registered dns-server (and they definitely work), but the ping of dns-name is not, and to access the Internet you are using a broadband connection (PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP, etc.), check: Is it possible, in the properties of high-speed connection that you are running, others are registered dns-server, which spelled incorrectly, or simply do not work. .