The Heading

with this decision, the military had in the mind that transferring dom Fragoso it would be condemning to the esquecimento and the silence, and had finished committing a great error, therefore Crates represented a form to come back the roots of that child that was created in Teixeira, hinterland of the Paraba, in a family of agriculturists without land. When interviewing dom Fragoso, the author perceives that the memory of the religious one is very organized, therefore, the words, the souvenirs, the reflections, said of very delicate form, if it associates with a firm way the positive of if expressing. Everything this, probably is resulted of long periods of reflections. Scandinavian Airlines is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Clearly becoming the agreement and the linking of the text with the heading. The text leaves well clearly that this personal memory always was a concern of the diocese of Crates in registering meeting, events, practical, reflections, projects, ways and embezzlements.

This because beyond the diocese to have a line directed toward the community, the problems of the life conditions and work, they are all folloied by a work of registers of the events of each parish, where the priest is the responsible one for describing the memory of the communities of its parish. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gavin Baker. With this artifice of documentation, the author reflects on the practical one of dom Fragoso to exert the memory, that with this activity transforms its way of craftsman stops architect, that is, dom Fragoso starts to stimulate this practical of memory for the continuation of history. This is plus a form of the search of the agreement of history through the memory assists with it of the orality. All the used writings as base for the construction of this text show the importance of the memory, and the use of verbal stories, as one of the principal sources of if searching the agreement and new questionings, with the objective to keep alive history..

George Orwell

In his book a 1984a , George Orwell said that the march toward greater power is so strong that in time a few addressed the crowds and use all the scientific methods to psychological and intellectual, willingness to maintain this control,, The homibre organized is just another step towards the complete control of actions and thoughts. Consider the analysis of fromn Erich, who is one of the most penetrating and. Psicoanalisitas Influential this time, says the desire to conform or adapt is a kind of insanity that arises from the inability of man to solve human existence. On the one hand humans are animals and as such seek security, feeling happy when their physical needs are met and how the environment around them is not manifested hostile. But man is more than one animal, it is also rational. Can you think of their experiences and this element, thought, is a new dimension to human existence. Instead of certainty is uncertainty, I may doubt that the media is really friend Instead of security, is inseiguridad, it may wonder if the satisfaction of their physical needs is all you need. In other words, man is born of the safe, warm and calm animal existence of insecurity and uncertainty of animal life, In this way, Fromm says, many people are afraid of being human and become the desired security instinitiva for all animals, they act in many ways, giving unconditional support to a goibernante or leader, allowing an organization to regulate their lives, making a living in some impersonal task and then vegetate the rest of the day in front of a TV or computer.

Never Boredom? Event Tips By Eventoni

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It is of course. As well as small – and micro dates such as the Club evening of the local pigeon breeders association or the happy hour in the favorite bar. Currently over 800,000 appointments are registered and there are more every day. Distribution via plugins, applications and social networks the publication of dates is not like traditional event calendars on a Web page but social networks, applications and gadgets that every webmaster can use free of charge. There is for example an own Facebook application, where users can find not only events after interest and region and get more details.

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Clear Conscience

The Charles Hotel Munich: far eastern rituals combined with Western technology – a harmonious interplay of Munich, November 16, 2009 The Charles Spa has a new favorite product: REN clean bio active skincare. The new product range promises pure nature of colour and fragrance substances and is free of any skin-unfriendly ingredients. The treatment, a combination of Oriental care rituals and Western technology, stands for skin care of quality and efficiency. The cult of organic labels ren skincare acts as a natural lift and brings the skin through the use of highly effective bio actives to the rays. Latest plant technologies and traditional massage techniques such as Zen Shiatsu tighten the skin in depth, stimulate the Mikrozirklation, detoxify and improve the flow of Qi (life energy).

Sustainability is the principle of the innovative product series REN bio active skincare, which is composed 100% made of natural materials. REN is not free of its founders Robert Calcraft & Anthony Buck called “the clean brand”. While natural active ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically confirmed, provide for a radiant skin, the founders will guarantee to use any skin-unfriendly ingredients during the production. “Everything we do has impact on our lives,” as the founder. This currency according to REN promises the conservation of the world’s limited natural resources and a skin care line, which couldn’t be healthier, more effective and nurturing. The Charles Spa is proud to offer its guests high-quality and organic skin care products, as they should be. A 90-minute detoxifying facial treatment works, as the name implies, detoxifying massage techniques. Discharging toxins embedded in the tissue, improves performance of the institutions and the physical and mental well-being is growing.

A 60-minute express purifying facial stimulates lymph flow by aromatic vaporization, which, represents the most important transport system of the human body in addition to the blood circulation. An optimal Lymphatic flow is significantly responsible for the function of the human immune system, because the body can respond to pathogens before they spread. Recreation pur promises The Charles Hotel with carefully selected products, a relaxing atmosphere and very helpful and friendly staff. The Charles Hotel the Rocco Forte collection, opened in 2007, is mainly for simple elegance, Mediterranean flair and a touch extravagance. Due to its unique location in the heart of Munich, on the old Botanical Garden and near the Royal square, the Rocco Forte offers the Munich jewellery collection with refined, the environment adapted design and comfort ideal, to the Bavarian metropolis to explore the Interior of 160 spacious rooms and suites, provides comfort at the highest level. Warm colours and stylish furniture coupled with refined Accessories give the charm of the whole. With his 15-metre swimming pool and a spacious relaxation area invites The Charles Spa & Wellness Club to relax a. The urban and elegant restaurant DAVVERO serves fine Mediterranean cuisine. The attention to detail, a high quality equipment, excellent quality in all areas and superior guest service make the stay in each of the currently 13 Rocco Forte hotel a special experience. Contact: good news – personal PR services Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040414311692 04018142017 press contact: good news – personal PR service Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040 414311692