Zoological Garden

Strangely the relaxed expression if converted into a rough boarding when finally one lady decided to come to the balcony me to approach. ' ' What quic pricisa? ' ' It asked. ' ' Of much pacincia' ' , I thought. I am adept of the parabolas and histories to illustrate situations and I will not no way leave to escape the chance to count this of ' ' Fujes&#039 lions; '. Two lions had run away from the Zoological Garden. In the escape, each one took a route different. One of the lions was for the bushes, and the other was for the center of the city.

They had looked to the animals for all the sides, but it found nobody them. After one month, for general surprise, the lion that came back was exactly what it runs away for the bushes. It came back lean and hungry. Thus, the lion was led back to its cage. Eight months had been transferred and nobody more remembered the lion that runs away for the center of the city when, one day, the animal was recaptured.

came back to the Zoological Garden fat person, healthy, vendendo health. Badly they had been together of new, the lion that runs away for the forest asked to the colleague: – How you obtained to be in the city this time all and still to come back with health? I, that ran away for the bush, had that to come back, for how almost it did not find what to eat! The other lion, then, explained: – I fulled myself of courage and to hide I was me in a public distribution. Each day ate an employee and nobody gave due to it. – And why it came back then toward here? They had finished the employees? – Nothing of this. Public officer is thing that never finishes. He is that I committed the most serious error. Already it had eaten the general secretary, two controlling, three superintendents, five aids, three coordinators, twelve heads of section, fifteen heads of division, some secretaries, sets of ten of administrative employees and nobody gave due to them! But, in the day where I ate I subject that it served cafezinho I ruined everything! After many gone and comings, evident that it would not be different, finally I obtained to remove the such document and I heard something that strengthens my theory concerning the quality of the service. The employee pointed with respect to a stack of papers and said: ' ' They are all equal cases to its, but as they not they come here to charge, goes being. Our team is small the service is muito.' ' I thought about the hour in the group of employees who were to toa in the other section, when in my first one gone in that place, months before. I still remembered all the computers that vi connected to the Social Nets and sites of futilidades, in the diverse times that found me there in search of the essential document. They badly do not want the good professionals to me of the sector, but ' ' no&#039 has skill; '. I am thinking seriously about ordering our dear there Lions for a visit.