Write Texts

Everything started for not obtaining to say the people what it really felt, and since it did not obtain it to say I started for writing in the computer what it really wanted to say and did not obtain. I always kept them until one day I started for obtaining to say what really it felt through these texts, gave to read the person and it was to perceive what she felt until a certain point arrived who I started to gain courage to say in the face of the people what it felt, what found well or badly, everything depending on the reaction of them, exactly most of the times being difficult to obtain to say! But from I continued there to write texts but on one definitive subject or person, from the day who I started to write I started to feel me another person, more alliviated, more ' ' vazia' ' felt as me and feels well and it leaves me to this happy I continued to write, but all the texts having certain a meaning special of somebody, or of that I feel or I want to state! Because I write reality and fancy, and is not therefore that much people admire my texts! At the outset she wrote, but never having courage showing of them to somebody, until a certain height when I perceived because it wrote and the meaning that had for me, I started to show them my family to it, until later I obtained to show to all people, it leaves what me happy for having obtained to fight the shame and the fear to say what I feel the people, but it leaves what me happyer is that I obtained alone through my texts!.