Working from Home

That is not missing commas or punctuation. Referring you who to greet him with a copy to who should receive it. 6. Have your own space where you get caught Do not work. Have your own space, your office, your desk, your service unit where you have your computer and your dictionaries. Have a good chair, a good foot rest and good lighting. Do not take the computer to the sofa or the bed unless you are going to use it for anything other than work. 7. Wear something comfortable does not have to get dressed in suit and tie to translate, but do not do in their pajamas or T-shirt you have slept. Divide your rest and your work as a translator.

8. Always Plan your work if you have a calendar always visible with a record where you see the time of delivery, the deadline for some translations, do it. And above all, stick to it. If a particular agency will fail, this failure to their customers and never going to tell you. 9. Turn off the distractions and divide your work in your leisure. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eliot Horowitz on most websites. If you have a personal mobile, do not use it for work. Ditto for e-mail and social networking accounts. Divide your working contacts with personal contacts and you are not always available. Not for your friends or for agencies. If you ignored the point 6 and when your translations on time deliveries, the agency does not need to call you to remind you to deliver a job. During working hours, your friends know not to call you. Mute the phone or even turn it off. Do not look at your personal email, only the professional. And when you leisure, on the contrary. 10. Other people at home. This is obvious, but very difficult to ask: if you have family, that during working hours at least try to bother possible. It’s hard not to care for your child if that breaks to mourn or to ignore your husband calling you to ask anything, but you must shorten all these interruptions as far as possible. 11. When not translating, closes the bar. We have finished the work day, but “we will always have your computer” Well, no you can think of. You know what we have said before: email accounts separate, individual users on your PC, your life as a translator and your personal life must be separated because if not, the work ends up burning you. And you do to survive yQue freelance translator? If you are looking for work as a freelance translator, Dixit, makes it easy. Go on and send us your CV.