Who Owns The Packaging Waste?

Who owns the packaging waste?Bizarre dispute over rubbish Berlin with legal opinions and lobbying want to participate in the business of packaging waste disposal medium-sized companies in Germany more. Shrink the margins for the collection and sorting, ergo the rubbish economy claimed ownership for the collected recyclables landing tons and bags in yellow. Economists consider that a strange understanding of the law. Source: Walter R. Mansfield. There are dual systems for responsible to organize the household collection of used packaging in Germany. Don’t ask more treatment facilities, who are appropriately compensated for their services for this. The legal responsibility for the result to be achieved recovery rates prescribed by the legislature, are the dual systems and thus trade and consumer goods industry. Something commonly called product stewardship.

When there was only a single dual system, reduced the headings competition policy reasons to became the collection and sorting -with the exception of plastic. The ex-monopolist DSD could not go into the recycling business. That has now changed. Meanwhile, a variety of system vendors available are so there is no reason to maintain competition policy barriers. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.