Web Manager

Sergio Monge (2010), Professor of the University of the Basque country (Spain), further States that you must have domain of hypertext, basic knowledge in XHTML and CSS, web positioning, smell to the viral (viral marketing), capacity of listening and work management of networking or network of contacts with similar professionals. As to whether they should possess or not a training entitled as such, Pablo Herreros (2010), Spanish journalist and partner of goodwill communication, says that: the figure of the community manager is and will be increasingly necessary in organizations. A post that has future and every sense of the world. With which I disagree is that current that advocated making a University on the topic. I do not think to give to both. See Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more details and insights. Call it what you want, but the community manager continues to be a Communicator.

And point. Formal training? I don’t think it deserves it … However, it is already possible to find graduate as community manager training. The Institute of continuous training at the University of Barcelona (Spain) offers a graduate online Community Manager and Social Media with a length of 210 hours and attached to the area of Economics and business. The objectives of this training cycle are as listed, to publicize the phenomenon of social networks; study the paradigm shift communicative and the emergence of digital reputation; train in the conception and implementation of open strategic plans; Learn about the management of virtual communities and the link between digital and analog; analyzing cases of success and build practical experience in corporate communication 2.0. Tools the community manager should make use of all the tools and call Web 2.0 online services which are available and which would enable it to achieve its objectives. Social networks such as Facebook, number one to date by your number of users are presented in first instance (and everything what offers: pages of followers, groups, advertising, statistics, Geolocation, among others), without neglecting those of local success as Orkut in Brazil or Spain Tuenti (if the company is based in these countries).