WAV Defragment

In fact, running from a console of Windows system, but its usefulness is very large: defragment any file instantly. Defragmentation processes can be slow, and there are cases in which the user only needs to defragment a file as an ISO image or a cache file. Instead of submitting the system to a full defragmentation, you can run Contig on the file in question to initiate its defragmentation. With a little added to the command line, Contig can defragment folders, and any file that has inside, and if it is run from the root directory, it is possible to defragment entire hard disk, although you should not expect any optimization of free space. Contig defragmentation at the time, what you need. -MyDefrag between defragmentation free, always have placed to JkDefrag above others, although its lack of updates had us worried for a while. Luckily, JkDefrag became MyDefrag, and returned stronger than ever. The parameters default Defragmenter are enough to give you good results, but if you learn to master those small details as a special order of data and configuration of blank spaces, do your defragmentation process something incredibly precise.

Between payments defragmentation, PerfectDisk is still at the head of the list, but if you don’t want to pay a dime, then MyDefrag should be one of your first options to consider. -CCleaner not everything passes by measuring the health of the disk and computer their data, but also to keep it clean. We have already mentioned the virtues of CCleaner in the past, and it continues as our number one of our repertoire of maintenance tool. Cleaning section is especially useful to keep agile to the hard disk. Some programs can save records that we ignore altogether, or perhaps not we have purged the browsers cache in time and manner, accumulating hundreds of megabytes that are completely obsolete. CCleaner can handle the vast majority of those files seamlessly, and very quickly.

-WinDirStat honestly, this tool is a personal favorite, but there is no doubt that the attributes of WinDirStat are very useful for any class of users. As we mentioned before, CCleaner can deal with the remains of many programs, but what about the waste generated by the user? I’ve seen cases where a user left old WAV files and ISO images whole sleeping in folders that had not reviewed in a year, and then were asked where he had gone to the space on your hard disk. WinDirStat can reveal that graphically and detailed, indicating what kinds of data that are demanding more space in our units, so that you can proceed to their elimination or its corresponding support.