Walk To The Future

If you think about it, the beginning of this year is not encouraging. The wave of economic crisis continues to feel its devastating power, like a tsunami, destroying the best expectations. The large conglomerates and entrepreneurs resent, and what about the medium and small, and moreover, employees living with the uncertainty of not knowing whether their jobs will arrive the next day. Again, the picture is not encouraging. The cost of living increases every day and those who feel it most are those who must do everything possible to survive on a dollar a day.

However, the illusion of consumerism distracts us at times. What house does not have one or two televisions, computer, sound equipment, cellular phones.? Sure, I'm not saying that these things are bad, because the worrying thing is not to be taken, but it replaces a reflection on how we choose to live our lives. Carefully. But we must be very careful. These grim scenes should not do to try to deal with any ship announce a promised land flowing with milk and honey, and these ships are there in profusion on the web today. The truth is that regardless of the promises that politicians make us, web marketers, employers or any other person, the most important thing is that we identify once and for all what we want to achieve goals. It is true that all promise to be the option to achieve what we want, but our decision must be based on inside knowledge that we are doing our best for ourselves and our loved ones.