Vestibular Contest

I am one of the many people who are part of a well prepared generation of the point of view of the abilities and the use of the technology. Technology this that provides to all a vast line of the knowledge, we read books without the least to sairmos of house, until facultieses EAD, with some few actual lessons, can make I benefit because of it of the Internet. Already I made many trips, I learned other languages and I knew other cultures, always I looked for to be happyest than I could also, however wise person that to be fully happy still they lacked some thing, but wise person who was time question, therefore is assured for my parents in the first years and would be for all the life. I grew with the illusion of that the life would be easy and that my devotion would be recognized, I found that to deal with the frustrations, to grow from the adversity and of the fragility of the life was novel thing, however I was surprised. I arrived the university finding that my professors were to have the same complacncia of my parents, was erreda entering in the college I learned that the devotion and the will to learn they are more important and that without this the life universitra passes and we do not use to advantage what of better it has offering in them in learning terms. The way abides here is profit, in almost everything, a success way is not a right assured for our parents is a conquest and without devotion we do not obtain, the chance appears for who this better prepared.

To have studied in good colleges, to have fact good course of language and trips, very helped when I entered in the college, but the college is a new start etemos that to learn to walk with our proper legs, to grow. I passed there in the vestibular contest …….. and, and there one real possibility in projecting the academic life with much responsibility, orientation, feed-back starts and many projects. The university and all its infrastructure, that goes since the library, professors, monitors and people who orientates of planto, passing for laboratories and centers of research offers the chance to make to happen since the day of registers.