Venezuela And Its Inhabitants

Venezuela is one of the most popular vacation areas in South America Venezuela Venezuela located in South America, is surrounded by the States of Colombia, Brazil and Guyana and to travel to Germany from beuquem via air travel. In the North the country borders on the Caribbean Sea, making it a popular destination for beach goers. A total of 2,700 kilometers of coastline are available, which have fine sandy beach in most cases. Many Indian groups, which lived as hunters and gatherers, as well as fishermen and farmers lived in the land of Venezuela’s history in the time before the discovery of the country through Columbus. in 1498, Christopher Kolumbus finally reached the coast of Venezuela and conducted several expeditions in the country. 1522 was founded the first permanent settlement of the Spaniard, but rather has been neglected in the years that followed. Learn more at this site: Brady Noon. Due to the growing of wool, sugar, tobacco and coffee, many workers were needed, which led to the use of slaves.

In the 17th and 18th century, she were Christianization of the country. Early, Venezuela benefited from his wealth, the oil. Today, the country benefits from this where many of the achieved revenues are siphoned off by the military dictatorship. Another important factor of income is tourism, which is to be further expanded in the coming years. The geography of the country Venezuela is his huge country, which is three times of Germany. The total area is about 39% of forest vegetation, 20% consist of meadows and pasture land. Venezuela is also known as the small continent and has a wide variety of nature, as she can be admired in hardly any other country. This makes the country not only for Sun Beach holiday, but also for hikers and adventurers. The Andes in a broad East-West Loop wool the Andes to the country whose Gipfel ranging from 5,000 meters in the height.