Unforgettable Love

The story then read, trafficking of a character which can be real or fantasy, which feels sad, alone, plunged into a sorrowful loneliness. This fantasy begins in a rainy, full of heavenly chav night and sitting at a computer, accompanied only by one cup mild tequila and a ballad melancholy call I dedicated myself to Miss Alejandro Fernandez. When you turn on the computer, check your emails, nothing interesting, only the invitation to buy a membership in a paradisiacal beach or updating your antivirus because its validity is about to conclude. Almost unconsciously enters a chat to see what other characters sad, alone or lustful are browsing. Finds it surprising how to find lots of clever nicknames that they browse this night cibernautica. There are the casadodiscreto, amantedemaduros, the regio guapo, I am very hot, sweet woman, Princess, etc. You decide on the latter and starts Classic message: where are you from? What do you do? How old are you? The responses of this Princess become desperately slow, surely is chatting with 200 more. Days pass and the talks have become more frequent and among them you begin to feel of something unknown, invasion of something inexplicable.

Need to know each other becomes more stronger is perhaps that Cupid has touched the door? These conversations have been made only with the manifestation of sweet expressions, cyber endearments, without photos, leaving only the imagination to shape their physical figures, which perhaps may be very different from reality, but no matter, because despite the physical distance that separates them, the only thing that moves them is the intense emotional emotion that has begun to unite closely. One of those nights, he says, would like to meet you and she certainly doubt because your answer takes an eternity. He returns to insist, Princess, I want to meet you. Finally she responds you are sure? An enormous distance separates us.