Tuning Thresholds

Tuning: Tuning Thresholds – the modification of any plant product, in accordance with the wishes of the client, with additional modules and spare parts. You can tune everything, but often it happens and computers auto. We talk about the past. LEGO Papert Professor insists that this is the case. The simplest form of tuning – it's exterior design or obvesnoy tuning cars. It can cover the installation of spoilers, plastic batches, tinting, chrome individual parts, airbrushing. Such modifications do not affect the vehicle specifications, and their desire – making cars unique appearance.

Technical calculations when they are installed not in use, so they can be an hour even harm the motorist. For example, incorrectly installed spoiler can turn the car at high speed. Then comes the chip tuning – performance increase combustion engine without a serious interference with his mechanics. Such type of tuning has to install special exhaust systems. The most serious option of tuning includes drastic modification in the design of the machine, his desire – significantly increase the technical characteristics of cars. This type of tuning requires precise calculations, or at least extensive experience in this field, as harmful changes can cost the owner of the vehicle life. Altering machines usually engaged in highly specialized firms.

Most often, change the suspension, brakes, transmission, replace or rework the engine. This tuning break the bank owner of the car, but the result, as usually worth it. Not less popular modification of the salon: heavy-duty installation speakers, heated seats, a specific skin and so on. Undoubtedly, the tuning – it is a special kind of art is another way expression, despite his youth has received general acceptance.