The People

As leader needs to inspire to his followers, for which it is not sufficient to inform; you need to share his heart: its dreams, their expectations and yearnings. To speak not only of arguments and data, but also of their perceptions, feelings and experiences, which includes no to share a vision, expectations about the future, but also only to express sincerely its fears and uncertainties about that future. The idea is to be authentic in the expression of its heart; real, without masks, screens nor stereotypes. People are thankful for the sincerity and the authenticity. To the people they do not like to feel manipulated, which is not in the long term, because people finish perceiving our duplicity like leader. Their followers need to be informed to give the best thing of himself and to acquire commitment. To people it does not like to give the best thing of himself in which it does not know. So that he speaks abiertamente than he worries to him, of that one and so he is fighting.

He speaks of his own experiences. It is important that their followers know which are their convictions, their beliefs and their values with respect to certain subjects. In other words, which are its position against the management, the vision of the organization, integrity, East etc. aspect of the communication is vital, because the people first accept and they are committed with leader and soon with the visions. The alignment is first with the leader and soon with the organization. The leader needs to include/understand that the people to his around want and need to know: Towards where goes the leader? Which is its trajectory? Me can east leader make arrive there? He will love to me throughout the trajectory? He is the leader sensitized about my needs? Which are their convictions and beliefs? What is nonnegotiable for the leader? The information and the shared knowledge eliminate the suppositions, the bad ones understood, the doubts and uncertainties and causes the alignment process.