The Noises

The civil constructions had not left to have its space, each more increasing time in this problematic one. The diverse machines, equipment, products that are used in the constructions had gained space in the studies in what respect to the norms of protection to the environment is said. What still it passes for studies is the sonorous pollution, the level of these civil constructions, therefore not only the equipment is the responsible ones for the noises, but normal actions of the worker, as ousting, locomotion and manual processes of the diverse utensils of the workmanships. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT Machine is all mechanical or organic device that executes or aid in the performance of the tasks, depending for this on a power plant. They can be of the light, average or weighed types, and also can, play some functions, as in agricultural industrial applications and pavements.

Already equipment is a device in itself, as a whole, used in the execution of a task or service. Examples: Wimbles, similar parafusadeiras and, electronic computers, and equipment, diverse tools, diverse machines. As some components of machines, we can cite the gears, the mechanisms, the engines amongst others. CONCRETE TRUCK MIXER a batoneira, concrete truck mixer or mixer of concrete is the equipment used for mixture of materials, in which if they add loads of rock, sand, cement and water, in the ratio and which had texture, in accordance with the type of workmanship. The criterion of the civil engineer can be increased other material types, as diverse types of cements and rocks, or additives. She is very used in the civil construction, mainly, for mixture of added as products and substances cousins the example in the construction of barrages and dams using itself the concrete in the mixture of the mortar. For having different composition, not being added the rock and being able themselves to add the hidratada whitewash, this is more used in covering, rejuntamentos and other preparos in the workmanship.