The Mathematics

We will sanction so great mathematical evolution correlation the prime numbers, we see as the work of the mathematics in our daily one is efficient, to it we will know the security that the criptografia provides in them can now, terms each time more the certainty of that we are with our money kept in ‘ ‘ seven chaves’ ‘. However, exists some threat, against this fabulosa form of criptografia? Perhaps yes, something that the technology promises bringing in them in the future; the calls quantum computers. According to site of the Wikipedia, quantum Computer ‘ ‘ it is a device that executes calculations making direct use of properties of the quantum mechanics, such as overlapping and interface.. They are sufficiently different computers of the classic computers, these computers will have an advantage of the classic computers in question to decide problems of a form much more efficient, and much more fast, where the classic computers would take much time to decide them. This due to its unit of information qubit, which works of a different form, to understand this form let us see what it says the site Wikipedia.

A classic computer has a done memory of bits. Each bit keeps one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ of information. A quantum computer keeps a set of qubits. One qubit can contain one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ , one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ or an overlapping of these. In others words, can contain one in such a way ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ as one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ at the same time.