The Future Of The Mobile Internet

Views and information on the mobile Internet. An access to the World Wide Web is nowadays regarded as essential by many people. Hardly anyone completely dispenses with the possibilities of the Internet. 45 percent of German citizens use the Internet between 3 and 10 hours a week, 25 percent even a lot longer. Thus, it is not surprising that now the time has come where the mobile Internet is a big topic. According to current forecasts, 2010 nearly 2 billion people will be up to the year use the mobile Internet and nearly 45 billion euros rise on sales in the area. One may therefore assume that the mobile Internet will establish itself already soon worldwide. Particularly with regard to the professional activities is of great value mobile Internet access.

From out on the road with customers communicate, important emails to answer, is not a problem with this type of Internet access. Mobile Internet access through the now well-known UMTS is possible technology. This technique (now become the default) makes it the User possible to use the Internet with a transmission speed of 384 kbit / s. At the present time (marked by the high speed DSL) this transfer speed is however not more contemporary acts. Download a 100 MB file requires about 35 minutes. For this reason the most interested parties decide for the new UMTS/HSDPA network. Depending on the stage of development is the transfer speed when using this technique between 1800 and 7200 KBit / s is in the future in any case strongly to assume that many consumers will opt for a mobile Internet access and this kind of access will replace the DSL access.