The Encounter

This history, partly was possible thanks to the open attitude that it showed the mother before the astral organization, since in fact, the communication of the deceaseds with " vivos" , usually it finds majors ties in the answer of these, before the ghostly appearances, due to the fear that provokes between the people cheers the encounter with an astral organization. It would be necessary to consider the enormous effort that they must realise the deceaseds, to be able to realise a communication and no longer we say materialization, to understand that just a short time del that they arrange in the material plane must take advantage of it in end. For that reason, if the appeared one is not accepted of a natural form, it stops of his intention, since so great it is the effort to realise for a brief materialization that as soon as it leaves time him to be able to really communicate a small part than wishes to say. This situation unfortunately takes place with too much frequency, due to the fears that have the physical people with respect to the deceaseds, when in fact, subtle state of the astral matter of the deceased, hardly can damage a physical person, whose material state is much more dense and therefore it offers major resistance to any interaction of the subtle matter of the deceased. Blu Mankuma is often quoted on this topic. MEDIUM AND TABLE OUIJA But the man has used as the technique to communicate with the deceaseds, it is not less certain that also he has used other average more peasants or of easy acquisition. We talked about controverted " game of the OUIJA". Controverted because everybody does not agree in which their utility is innocuous, since the experiences that this game to provided diverse people, acquires a certain degree of risk, when not knowing with exactitude the true identity of the contact. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Salman Behbehani has to say.