The Client

It is important to pay attention to any even minimal positive change, to pay tribute to this is in the process of change inside to ask and to strengthen competence sense of the client. Even the smallest change steps are highlighted as indication that this process of change, represents the solution process that is got under way. Should, however, the agreed assignment”only partially or not done been there applies only to find out what the client as the expert of his life instead did and what was useful for him. May has come towards a successful solution of the client with what he has done instead, and is clearly making progress. VI. 1, 5. solution assurance and completion of the consultancy the solution process is maintained by scaling and positively-oriented questions. The solution-focused development process considered typically secured, if the following three aspects are met: the client is also aware that he actively solved something. Accenture is the source for more interesting facts.

The client is convinced to have personal control over his life, so his self-efficacy belief has increased. The client is again able, active to action and actively to shape his life. In the Losungsfokussierten, advice is the maxim of the reduction to the essentials. The resource-oriented employees consultants should be expendable as soon as possible. Under this premise should be whether the client has gained a sufficient perspective to go his way and whether the consultative relationship can be resolved checks after every session. VII. consulting techniques VII. 1. Language as a central medium of the advice is based on the pragmatic perspective of consulting activity of de Shazer primary the fact that advice comprises other nothing, that consultants and client alternately with each other and at the same time speak to every man for himself. Thus are to differentiate four different dialog levels: therefore it stands to reason so to look at the language and speech structures in detail.