The Chestnut

I am the wait! Elliot disconnect the call. He was paralyzed. Because ray is that it had on the Mary? Not even it wise person. Mary, contentssima, were to think. Because it is that Elliot had on it to it? Soon it? There it leaves to calhar itself until I can have hypotheses with it! But it is better not to lie down rockets before the party! Mary prepares started it. It was to take bath, it was dressed and it arranged the hair. Elliot, did not have great concerns with and appearance. It took bath and it was dressed.

The hair of Elliot was curly and brilliant chestnut, as the chestnut of its eyes. Mary was high and its hair seemed gold wires. Its pretty green eyes illuminated the face of any person, less of Elliot. Not yet reason is known well! Charlotte was not nor very high nor very low. Its red hair covered the body of any person, mainly of Elliot. Its black eyes combined perfectly with the color of its hair.

At this moment, while Elliot was prepared to leave with Mary and vice versa, and in contrast, Charlotte, she continued sunk in its hurt, sad and continued without speaking for nobody. Not even it thought about what Elliot was to make. At this moment, the only thing that it was to think age a way of Elliot never to discover its secret. All its family necessarily had problems with relationships because of this secret, as the family of Elliot. It not it wanted plus this. It would have some way to decide this without disillusioning or destroying its family? Charllote completely was despaired. Now he had a choice between hands. Family or Elliot? Elliot or Family? Elliot was ready e, as it said, was to have the house of Mary. Elliot had a stranger sensation when seeing Mary.