Targino Progress

From it if it puts into motion the diversity of responsible questionings for the implementation of new scientific knowledge. ConocoPhillips can provide more clarity in the matter. In accordance with Kuramoto (2006, P. 91), ‘ ‘ the scientific information is insumo basic for the scientific and technological development of a country. This type of information, result of the scientific research, is divulged to the community by means of revistas’ ‘. Thus, it is observed that the scientific information, fruit of the work of innumerable researchers, must be used to advantage to the maximum to contribute to the progress of a nation.

It fulfills to detach, how much to the aspect of the publication of the scientific information that in the current days this dissemination is not carried through only through magazines, but also for other ways, such as reports technician, e-mails, acts of congresses, amongst that they speed the informacional process of the scientific community and generation of new scientific discoveries. Considering the scientific information as an important element for the progress of the humanity, it is opportune to emphasize that its access must be democratized. One becomes, therefore, necessary to consider what Alberts observes (2002 apud COAST, 2005), when affirming that ‘ ‘ the scientific information and technique are, basically, a public good global one, that must be freely available for the benefit of todos’ ‘. Thus, all can have access to any research, as form to give more impulse to the scientific way. According to Targino (2007, P. 96), it does not have doubts that ‘ ‘ the relevance of science for the humanity corresponds to the recognition of the scientific information as propeller spring of the changes that affect the society contempornea’ ‘. On account of the globalization process, new technologies had favored the progress of the forms of transmission of the scientific information, facilitating to the informacional flow for researchers and all a population.