Solar Plexus Dialogue

A synchronous event will occur, will someone tell you exactly what you need to hear, you’re going to get a Flash of intuition. All the great geniuses of history have given a time regular solitude and silence for themselves. You also should. 4. Meditation in the meditation, you work to discipline your mind and to silence the inner talk that always fills it. You create a pure container so that fills it the higher self.

Follow your breathing is an excellent meditation discipline, as it is concentrating on a flame. Or visualize a golden sphere of light in your Solar Plexus that fills your body with energy and healing. There are many practices that you can study and use. 5. Daily records your feelings, emotions, dreams and intuitions daily in a journal. This will help you to enter into closer contact with your intuitive depths. You can ask questions to your higher self here, and then record any response or intuition that you receive. If you do this regularly with faith and expectation, you will receive the answers you need.

6. Internal dialogue leads an internal dialogue with your higher self regulate. During the next 40 days, decides to stay in touch throughout the day. Tell your be higher I is that you are there and I want to meet you and get attention. Please begin to guide my life do not worry if this dialogue is entirely in one direction only at the beginning. Remember that you’ve been out of touch for decades. Decision time cleaning the cobwebs! He persists with this internal dialogue as if you were talking with a friend, chatting, asking questions, sharing your hopes and begins to listen to the answers. They will arrive. 7 Lessons of life view life as a mystery school. He believes that all the events of your life, situations and people, have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what you need to know now.

Designing Management

Is taken into account, that before the development, effective operation of firms in increasingly competitive markets, due to globalization and the growing demands of customers, the quality management has become an essential pillar of any new business strategy. Long-term, only companies which are able to resolve the apparent dilemma between the high quality of its products and cost reduction will succeed, regardless of the sector and the size of the company. This explains the importance of techniques, models and principles of management of the quality in the company. To analyze the national reality, taking into account the barriers faced, as well as the behavior of SMEs, particularly in relation to the management of quality, wherein, leaves much saying its lack of applicability, in addition to lack culture of quality, management of it systems, as well as the ignorance of the fundamentals and tools that favor him. Hence, that the program sets its objectives in favour of the development of the quality management which allow participants: Know how to advise firms and organizations according to models of business excellence Know what are the standards and certification of national and international quality in relation to the quality Designing and implementing TQM programs both for the company in its entirety as to certain areas. Using statistical techniques and analysis of common data in the context of the quality management. Assess the possibilities of application of multiple techniques and methodologies that are used in the world of quality.

Develop an overall view of what it means to manage a company with total quality. Know diagnosis on the situation of the external and internal quality. The program provides all the basics on which rests the quality management and considers that the an organization’s success should be the result of implementing and maintaining a management system oriented to the customer, from the definition of systems and processes that result: clearly comprehensible, manageable, and that can be improved.