Changing Levels

The order of the levels from first to third unchanged – right to left. Site address is "read" your computer is from the end, with the first-level domain. Perhaps To better understand how organized addressing the Internet, consider some examples. How to search Yandex? This example struck me as funny. How to find the famous search engine? We recruit into your browser the following: or (the only difference is that the three letters point your browser to certain proprietary information, which, however, already established him as a "default"). So, having done that, you give the command to your computer to find the address and show that there is. The browser reads the first group (ru) and sends the request to your ISP: "Where is the server responsible for the zone ru Provider forwards the request to the server. He meets and is waiting the next request.

Your computer keeps asking is directly from the RU-server: "Where's your domain yandex ?, Receives a response and establishes a connection to the desired domain. In fact, everything is a bit complicated, but Now this is not essential to the overall presentation. So we have established a connection with loved ones and yandex now decided to watch the mail. We find on the page link "Mail", click on it and get on … See? We have moved on third level domain, which belongs to the second level domain We could, without going to Yandex, just to get to the prompt to enter login and password of our mailbox, if once in the address bar, typed And now remember about slash.

If you do have a mailbox at yandex, then typing your username and password you can go to their own page with information about your mail. (The same can be applied to any other Postal service –,,, etc.) Please note the address bar. There, after a slash began to appear strange symbols, and their number varies depending on which folder (inbox, sent, deleted, etc.) you now have moved. This so-called internal addressing. This means that your computer no longer makes additional requests, and you just go from folder to folder within another folder, the top level – your mailbox. That is, your mailbox, this is a rather specific place on a distant server disk, which physically can be located anywhere in Moscow, St. Petersburg or some Uryupinsk. Moreover, it can be at once in all those places at one time or other! But the strangeness of the physical location of servers, we'll talk some other time. And now back to the point where we could not get into the domain of Vida Vacations spoke with conviction. Tried? Got to / start or blog. This is called redirection. That is, if the desired domain name is not used for public access, it can redirect all incoming organize a different domain. In our case this page or your blog, or an invitation to create a blog. I hope the reader, now you have a better idea what kind of work does your computer when you travel over the Internet? I tried very hard to explain this simpler, not because I think you less intelligent. I simply love the simple presentation of complex processes. This is a kind of game. If you are familiar with the matter and you have a more vivid and imaginative comparison, I'll be glad if you share them. And if you found it interesting that material and, more importantly, useful – I'll just be happy. Good luck to you, the reader. And new discoveries on the Internet.

DVD Buyers

Increasingly, in case of need to buy anything, today's buyers are not sent to a local store or supermarket, and comfortably sit at their computers or laptops. A survey of visitors portal dedicated to finding stores on the internet revealed the following reasons why shoppers are looking for stores to carry out their purchases is the World Wide Web. The question "Are you looking for a store in INTERNET so that …" Almost half of respondents – just under 48% – chose the answer "goods (services) in the Internet-shops are cheaper than in regular stores." This train of thought of potential buyers is quite natural, as in the present financial crisis is even more understandable. At the same time notorious crisis, on the one hand, obviously, not all affected, and with another – the fight with him takes away from potential buyers too much time and effort. In any case, the second place with a score of 28% of the answer was "no time (will) go through the usual shops." Almost 14% of respondents can be classified as "gourmet", they chose the answer "in the Internet-shop choices are much broader and description – details." Indeed, the list of goods and services for the purchase of which there is no need to break away from the easy chair at home or office, no longer limited to "traditional" products for the Web – with which, in fact, "all started "- books, CD, DVD …

Today the Internet is already possible, even profitable to buy and sell his soul (!), Not to mention those who have been trivial for online trading things like furniture, major appliances, computers, etc. Least (Less than 11%) respondents are most likely "newbies" – they chose the answer "do not find a product (service) in traditional stores." Ie the search for the goods (services) in retail stores for those buyers still took place. Only its failure led them to the need to turn to find the shop on the Internet. We can assume that in future the share of this category will only decrease, because the benefits of searching the Internet shop become more apparent to potential buyers..