The shutter is a mechanism that allows you to control the time that the camera sensor is receiving light. Depending on the value used light will have an impact for more or less time.These values are known as shutter speed. Formerly the shutter in the cameras was a kind of curtain in front of the reel or photographic film. Nowadays digital cameras have an electronic shutter with this got some faster exposure times. The number that indicates the shutter speed also is a fraction, therefore, the higher the number, the shorter the time which the shutter remains open. Items that may interest you read: photography Video tripod, Aperture and shutter speed effects achieved by varying the shutter with a speed of slow shutter effect speed silk, photographs of waterfalls for example where the water comes out blurred and seems to freeze fast shutter speed silk movements, for example the flight of a bird or to sports photography.

An illustrative video using the photographic scanning technique in combination with the shutter, of course speed photography tripod technical photographic sweep combination of aperture and shutter the shutter speed and aperture are combined to achieve a correct exposure. As an example, a small diaphragm opening makes reach light with less intensity sensor so you need more exposure time of light. That said, to lower opening, greater must be time of shutter speed and vice versa. There are several different combinations of aperture and shutter speed that get the same exposure. For example f11 1/15 sec you get the same exposure that if you increase 1 point the diaphragm and reduces speed f8 1/30 sec. This is known as equivalent exposure or reprocity.