Inevitable effect of corrosion on the body of the car, is it worth it in the garage or racing down the road. There are several ways to protect the metal against atmospheric corrosion: passive, which consists in isolating the metal from contact with atmospheric exposure to air, active, in which the protective agent forms on the surface of the metal against atmospheric corrosion resistant coating: transforming which maps already had time to oxidize layer of metal in the ground, stable against the effects of oxygen, water and salt, cover the road. Ray Kurzweil shines more light on the discussion. The passive means of protection are also a variety of putty to protect the underbody. Of coatings of mastic differ in that they are prepared on the basis of bitumen, and sometimes a rubber or resin. In addition, they added graphite, fiber, oils. Mastic is applied to the bottom of the car body with a thick layer.

This provides stability of the coating to mechanical stress of flying from the wheels and stones, but not least, reduces noise due to damping effect of mastic. However, be aware that the sealant in the gap does not fall, and therefore its application to gap must be processed by a corrosion-resistant composition, such as "Movilem," NPM-ML. The most widely used mastic "Avtoantikor epoxy to the bottom", "Avtoantikor to bottom rezinobitumny", "Anticorrosive bitumen to the bottom "," Mastic asphalt corrosion "," Mastic shale car MCA-2 ". The most durable coating provides a first paste ("Avtoantikor epoxy to the bottom"), but its application is associated with great effort. At the same time the use of MSA-2 is easier, but does not give the same effect – the protective properties of its 1.5 … 2 times weaker. Experience has shown that contrary to earlier popular belief about the impossibility of epoxy and bitumen mastic to repair modern diplazolnyh coatings are quite suitable. However, the repair of defective parts must be completely clean to metal, primed "Avtogruntom" or GF-200 GF-021, or "Avtogruntom tsinkonapolnennym" and only then make mastic coating vperehlest.

City Taxi-Mobile

Mobile version of the taxi company "Mobile City". " Results and evaluation. Studio innovative solutions for the mobile Internet, "Mobile Kitchen" and the taxi company "Mobile City summed subtotal of the project to create and promote your mobile site. In late 2009, specifically for the taxi, "Mobile City" project was developed, which in addition to the development of the mobile site, included the concept of promotion of this product with a description of all possible channels of communication with potential and existing clients, "Mobile City". This project included the following steps: Develop a full-featured mobile site taxi company based management platform, mobile sites WapUltima company "Mobile Kitchen Integration with existing mobile website services offered to clients of the company "City-Mobil" at the moment start of the project (eg, SMS-support orders) inclusion of a mobile site to existing advertising media company, "Mobile City" (advertising on the website of the company, the inclusion of automatic redirection users to the mobile version) the use of additional features offered by the company's mobile site (java-application development, an incentive promotions using the mobile site) A pilot project launched by the year 02/24/2010, included the promotion of a mobile site to site, the launch campaign, offering customers a discount when you order discount taksia a mobile version of site in the city and taxi to the airport, as well as accommodation address in the mobile site inoformatsionnom sms-message. At the end of three months of the year 24.05.2010 was performed data analysis on the progress of the project on which summed up the intermediate results. Reported data about the project "Mobile Web taxi company" for the period from 02/24/2010 to 05/24/2010 was I. Visitor statistics – 5710 unique users visited the mobile version of site – 12,955 views had been committed – a monthly audience growth of nearly 20% II. Converting visitors into orders – was committed 957 orders through the mobile version of the site – conversion ratio of visitors to orders of more than 17% "Our company always strives to use in their work all the newest and innovation, offering customers a convenient and modern service, so the partnership with "Mobile Kitchen", which has created for us a mobile version of Internet site, is a reflection of the policies of the company. We hope that this project will develop in the future, offering more new services to our customers ", – said General Director of" City-Mobil. "