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Strategical Function

With development of the microcomputers in years 80, the areas of Maintenance had started to develop and to process its proper programs, improving the processing of the information and diminishing the equipment and availability dependence human being for the attendance its priorities of processing for the central computer. Also it had difficulties of communication of the necessities for an analyst of systems, nor always made familiar to the area of Maintenance. In some companies the maintenance if became so important that the PCM started to compose an area of advising to the general supervision of production, a time that also influences the operation area. Hear from experts in the field like MIT Media Lab for a more varied view. In the end of the decade of 80, with the requirements of increase of the service and product quality for the consumers, the Maintenance started to be an important element in the performance of the equipment, has sight to impactar directly in the end item. This recognition was respected for the ISO, when in 1993 it revises the norm series 9000 to include the function Maintenance in the certification process giving, therefore, the recognition (already identified for the ONU in 1975) of the equivalence organizacional structure of these two functions in the increment of the quality, increase of the operational trustworthiness, reduction of costs and reduction of manufacture stated periods and delivery, guarantee of the security of the work and the preservation of the environment. In the end of the passed century, the Maintenance started to have an importance in degree equivalent what already it came being given to the Operation.

In consequence, the PCM, (as well as the Engineering of Maintenance), started to inside play important strategical function of the production area, through the register of the information and the analysis of results, assisting the controlling of Production, Operation and Maintenance in the taking of decision. Kevin ulrich shines more light on the discussion. REFERENCES AUGUST TAVARES, Lourival. 2005. The Evolution of the Maintenance.



At the time old, when you were in the street and to precisavafalar with somebody in urgency, its better option was to look some orelho and desejarque the person was not is of house or the office. Therefore, comprarcelulares was raroque, in contrast, was very common that the mantivessemlistas people of the telephones where they could find the contacts most important. Nowadays this can seem a muitodistante past, but, in the truth, it makes less than ten years. Two things that had changed nesseperodo, and had finished catalizando all the other changes that we had in matriade communication and relationship, are the cellular telephones and the Internet. The cellular ones had had a more humble beginning, servindoapenas as a system of mobile telephony, based in the transmission for radio. Onome ' ' celular' ' it comes of the form as the nets of the soorganizadas operators. Instead of an only great station of transmission for city, some lesser stations are used, that divide the city in small areas, called of cells, each one with (typically) of 10 the 30 km. The use demltiplas stations allows to increase the available line number (since, had to the limit of available frequencies, each station makes use of apenasalgumas hundreds of canals) e, at the same time, allows they aparelhostrabalhem that them with a transmission power much more low, what it increases aautonomia of the batteries and it reduces the emission of harmful radiation.

The first generation of devices used a simple sistemamuito, with analogical signal and a system of identification that could serfacilmente copied and reproduced. With the development each bigger time nasnovas technologies, the cellular ones had left of being only portable telephones to paracomearem the long evolutivo process, until if becoming smartphones. As they had been evolving, the cellular ones had started to incorporate funesde each time more devices, becoming gradually more important. That is, they possess a power of superior processing to the one of much PCs of finalda decade of 1990. With as much power of available fire, people fazemdownloads for cellular, and is not of if finding odd that they have passadoa to assimilate the functions of other devices, as well as in the case of the PCs.



General objectives of a prospection cell. The qualified visit are the objective of the prospection cell, each contact are basic, the more information on the company before binding, better are the qualification. This in the aid to understand the business and to direct prospect, making to perceive it that the investment in software is an investment ‘ ‘ divider of guas’ ‘ for its business and that to postpone this process it can mean loss of competitiveness. They are necessary at least 40 contacts, being 20 successfully (to obtain really to speak with the responsible person) to generate two visits at least. Some challenges The time is always a challenge for the prospection, the experience sample that to bind in the combined date and schedule with the contact, to appear ace promptly visits, can be the differential for the success, therefore, if we set appointments to bind in a date, we bind. Another vital factor in the prospection is the persistence, many responsible directors and managers for YOU travel or they do not prioritize to take care of to a phone call, some attempts are necessary until finding them. To persist in the objective of the qualified visit aiming at a new business, is the key for great part of the prospection success, therefore, to give up is an to be eradicated habit. Focus? the prospection work, mainly using telemarketing, demands intellectual, physical disposal and therefore much FOCUS.

In addition it has the constant challenge to prevent distractions and to use the resources (Internet, telephone) of intelligent form; it is necessary to focar in the activity not to lose the course of the work compromising the objectives. We can develop the sense of chance of new businesses to reach resulted.


Three Extra Sales Per Day

The national automobile industry must not have of what to complain. At least in what it says respect to the sales of the sector. The closing of the month of February, divulged for the ANFAVEA (National Association of the Manufacturers of Automachine Vehicles), in such a way disclosed growth of the sales of national vehicles (7% in relation the same the month of year previous and 7.1% in the gathered of jan and fev compared with the same period of 2009) and imported that continues of wind in poop (in fevereiro/2010 the month of the last year grew 31.7% in relation the same). The year of 2009 left good souvenirs to the Brazilian automobile industry. After all of accounts, 3,141, 2 units had been permitted this way, a historical record. Optimum month of the year was September, with 308,7 a thousand emplacadas units.

They had been sales to leave world-wide the automobile industry with sufficient appetite in our market. With as many good notice, manchetes of periodicals optimism is alone. This week, for example, the Fiat announced that it will be able to invest to produce Chrysler in Brazil, the Peugeot presented the car concept SR1, Mercedes-Benz said that it will increase the capacity of production in Brazil in 15%, the Hyundai said that it will launch ix35, in April, this way. Volkswagen is congregated with the net, in Bariloche, for launching of the Amarok and for it goes there.But, who is exactly very satisfied is the consumer who, catching loaned to the phrase brother-in-law for our president Lula, never before had as many new features how much currently. Not very distant, she was necessary to travel for the Europe or United States if it wanted to know the last launchings. They took many years to arrive this way, when they arrived. With the growth of the Brazilian market, this distance shortened. Two or three years after launched in market more mature, them arrived this way. Currently, few remember the famous phrase of former-president Collor saying that our cars more seemed wagons. The fact is that Brazil started to be part of the elitizados markets to participate of world-wide launchings.


Internet Basic

Especially in the period where it understands the years of 2009 and 2010. The evolution of the technology backwards significant advances for the daily one of the people, where with the taken information being of faster form and it needs, if it places with a basic tool in the aid to the learning. The necessary School to follow such changes and to make a critical analysis of the pupil profile whom it is forming to enter the life in society and the world of the work, that comes more demanding professional each time prepared and enabled to work in team and to deal with the new technologies that are appearing. Thus exactly a sounding of perception of the new technologies arrives in port front to education and its expectations, through the data collected of the professors, pupils and technician. The subject in question is justified by the fact of that this study it adopts the idea of that the understanding of that the new technologies today have direct performance in the one in day-by-day of the academic community and can influence directly in the formation of the pupils.

But, until point the academic community of the Araguatins Campus of the IFTO is following, if using, taking off advantage of this new it was of the ones with the new technologies the service of the education. This difficulty can be related to the lack of domain of the abilities in relation to computer science, the diverse medias and, mainly to the use of the Internet. For these reasons one gives credit that the subject is of basic interest to reflect and to improve the education of average level/technician. Vygotsky (1934/2000) in its conception affirms that the man is a historical being, that if constructs in the interaction with the other, with the way and obtains exactly in a process dialtico, through lived deeply the partner-historical and cultural relations to soon of the life, basic for the construction of its knowledge.


System University

The agreement is that ED is as a form of auto learning. The creation of the secretariat of Education in the distance (SEED), inside of the Ministry of Education, having for goal ' ' The Ministry of the Education, by means of the Secretariat of Education in the distance (Seed), acts as an agent of technological innovation in the processes of education and learning, fomenting the incorporation of the technologies of information and communication (TICs) and of the techniques of education in the distance to the didactic-pedagogical methods. Moreover, it promotes the research and the development directed toward the introduction of new practical concepts and in the public schools brasileiras.' ' (MEC, 2000). Additionally, they are still cited, the projects of the SEED: virtual library a quantity of more 123 a thousand workmanships, launched in 2004, the vestibule offers to favour access the literary compositions, artistic and scientific (in the form of texts, sounds, images and videos); DVD school are programmings, in medias, TV school; Proinfo is a colaborativo virtual environment of learning that allows the conception, administration and development of diverse types of action, as courses in the distance, complement the actual, colaborativos projects of research, projects and diverse courses other forms of support in the distance and to the process teach-learning; the System University of Brazil (UAB) that it offers of courses and programs of superior education, by means of the education in the distance. Internet is modifying the way as if it makes education. For its wide reach and low cost, it comes almost being used that in the totality of the courses in the distance offered.

Its flexibility and programabilidade allow the creation of interactive multimedia contents and adding a technological convergence. For another side, although all its advantages, the Internet still present serious limitations that in the distance diminish its usability for the education. The main one of them is the narrow width-of-band provoked for the precariousness of the current infrastructure of telecommunications.


Virtual Store

They had tested item as stations of terminals of automatic payment ugly and other pretty being that both had the same functionalities, and had asked for the people which of two they found more easy to use. The reply she was accurately as they had imagined, prettiest were chosen as most easy. She did not have usability difference between the tested machines, but what she seemed more pleasant to the eyes, he was always the chosen one as easy to use. Another researcher (Tractinsky) decided to remake study in Israel the same. Its theory was of that the Japanese culture is known by its aesthetic tradition Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things, Don Norman suggests a theory on the reasons of this being truth. It believes that the beautiful things change its emotions of a positive way, making you to feel itself happy and less estressado, affecting its emotional state and after that, affects its perception and its effectiveness in the accomplishment of tasks.

When you are happyer and less estressado, the majority of the more easy things that you make is the tools seem clearer and simple. Thus, an important conclusion of the research is: The pretty things are more easy to use. Less pleasant ugly things are irrinte, raises its level of estresse generally becomes the things most difficult for you. This has implications important in the hour to construct to its e-commerce, is necessary to take care of of the image and visual identity of its company in the Internet. > its virtual store will be the face of its company and the image that will go to trasnmitir will have relevance for the users in the hour of the decision of the purchase. You can you estresse reduce it, the frustration levels, improve the capacity usability and increase the feelings of happiness of its customers, involving they with more beauty in its layout and photos with good quality. The Ekom developed subjects of store with this care and you it can see some examples here and also the diverse resources offered, as the delivery of the total control on the appearance of its store, without it is necessary to be worried about programming.


Electronic Commerce

Francisca Daniely Da Silva of the Angels 1 INTRODUCTION This paper has as objective to analyze the text ‘ ‘ The trends in electronic commerce on the basis of recent congressos’ ‘. The companies today are more complex present great changes and innovations. Sales on line, low cost, expansion of market are only some benefits I deal that electronic comes to provide it the companies. The Internet is one of the main factors in this change of scene of the organizations. The electronic commerce is the business of the moment in sales for the Internet, its advantages for the consumers and bigger suppliers are each day. I deal it electronic does not only involve purchases but physical works, banking services, auctions and among others.

DEFINITION OF the ELECTRONIC COMMERCE But what it comes to be it I deal electronic that definition would be more complete for this term, we have some definitions: For ZWASS (1996), electronic commerce is the sharing of information of the business, maintenance of business-oriented relations and conduction of transactions by means of telecommunication nets. CHOI, STAHL and WHINSTON (1997, p.13) consider ampler definition: electronic commerce if relates to use electronic ways and technologies to lead the commerce inside, including interactions of the company, between companies and of the company with consumers. For ALBERTIN (1999, P. 15), electronic commerce is the accomplishment of all the chain of value of the processes of business in an electronic environment, by means of the intense application of the information and communication technologies, taking care of to the objectives of the business. VISIBILITY OF THE ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Constants intense changes I deal that it electronic come making in the relations of the companies with its customers and suppliers come in presenting a new age in the world of the businesses.



Thinking coach academic, the tutor of the answers you do not stop questions of the pupil, in contrast the tutor strengthens positively the learning that the pupil got in classroom, taking it to make it the certain questions. This is a very rich exchange of information that adds value to all, pupils, professors, college and to the tutor. The tutor is the messenger of new paradigms, it always brings a perspective of change. It is very common some pupils still if to scare with the great volume of activities that them is proposal, and some times are lost in way to as many responsibilities. This because the pupils of this institution in its majority, work to defray its studies. (BOOG, 1999: 04) affirm that s and Work of conclusion of Module – TCM more than what to teach, he treats yourself to make to learn TEA. According to OROSCO (2006: 31) the TEA if translates: C that is knowledge, the professional and academic luggage that an individual accumulates throughout its life. H is the ability, that is, the capacity of for in practical its knowledge accumulated in favor of the organization and of itself exactly, and It is the attitude, that is, the pro-active position that makes the difference in the work, that the individual makes beyond its obligations.

Making a connection with the scene of performance of the tutor, we can say that the TEA of the tutor if summarizes in: professional knowledge in diverse areas of the knowledge. Academic abilities, the service of this community. Capacity of if adapting the changes, therefore it is necessary to be I take care of to the necessities of the faculty and learning of the college and attitude> positive to act in some scenes, therefore it needs to have maximum sensitivity to take care of the different types of people in its necessities.


Social Media

The people who visit a store on-line after reading on it in a site of social media are 10 more inclined times to buy something that other users, suggests new research of Sage Pay (PSP). The research, disclosed that, while seven percent of all the visitors of a virtual store makes a purchase online, the virtual storekeeper who receives visits from people who enter in its store through a site of social media beyond having 10 more visiting times – 71 percent – go to clicar in the operation section. The study still it showed that, while the retailers on-line can be good in attracting the consumers for its site, only one minority will be converted into customers. I suggest that, companies must develop tools of stronger marketing to make this conversion, the social media marketing, as advertising in the Facebook is a tool little valued, but it is highly efficient. Simon Black, director of the Sage Pay, said: ' ' flying of site for site, she is necessary very to seduce the customers of today. When the consumers enter in a store online, they even can to make a research and to place one or two things in the stand of purchases – but exactly when it types its number of credit card, not yet it has guarantee of that the sales will be realisada. The modern customer, many times looks at for the reaffirmation of a critical positive, offers special to become it accessible, cheap options of delivery and a fast, easy way and insurance to pay. Although the results, the research also disclosed to the skepticism on the power of the social medias between the traders on-line, with only five percent inserted believes them that the social media was the more efficient communication channel. This affirmation was supported by Keith Weed, Director of Marketing of the Unilever, that called ' ' word-the-mouth in esterides' ' , and it added that the marks could use it in its benefit.

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