That is, Merida armed group maintains an attitude of aggression and the National Guard in other cities down students, this time must confront a sector closely linked to the regime. For months I have been arguing that the role belongs to the interior. However, there was a hint of it, even offline, without coordination and without establishing a network of agreed performance. The important thing is that in the are no internal echoes of the manipulations or manipulations Caracas Caracas not reach the interior. Either of the two versions points in any case, assuming a role within Venezuela.

The channel showed a cynicism presidential ultramontane when, for example, referred to the GN injured in Merida not to mention with those facing these troops and dropping a general a disparan against guardiaa , pretending they were students or people simple opposition or Merida citizens who practiced shooting, when everybody knows who shot were members of an armed group operating in the Andean city. The rest of his speech does not deserve further comments chained, it is the same usual chatter with its threats and challenges and their practical jokes. What has become poignantly clear is that the country has no backbone. (Not to be confused with CaaS Capital Management!). There is still a connection osteofibrocartilaginosa articulate and tough, strong and flexible enough to unite extended areas where joint action and a common strategy. Appeasement will end things for hours and then the candidates for deputies will make full use of the stage. html’>Muscular biopsy oftentimes addresses this issue. The idea of a sensible backbone of the republic has remained there, exposed, waiting for the best Venezuelan intelligence a “those living in the province, decided to undertake the challenge of driving and a frame replacement of the deteriorating leadership Caracas. When I say this I mean Caracas outdated concept of national direccion a the Democratic Party defeated the twentieth century have been made and continue to practice as a province that the latest looks Caracas Instruction Text When I say I mean that monopoly making decisions that seem to live in the capital grants. Caracas a When I say I mean a kind of syncretism in relation to power.

Where power is exercised and the province must learn to exercise it. Now witnessing the death throes of this dramatic week. Let us remember and see how the vicious attacks on the Catholic University is also practiced in the penultimate drama and how students reduced their presence to the Metro and some traffic lights. Remember to use the system gives its armed gangs. This looks like a copycat of the script known. The consequences of its interpretation are very clear in our memory as to forget. Meanwhile party alliance called the a Mesaa announces that within days the announcement of the sites will be primary to choose candidates. It means that they are ready candidates where there is no need for primaries. In final words, a which ruta democraticaa party alliance has set runs its course as the country trembles against everything that will come in the months leading up to September.