Direct candidate in the constituency 177 betting rough, for the parliamentary elections on 27 September, 2009 great style the government destroys workplaces in the. Even businessmen can not understand it, why wages are in the free fall. Activities are subsidized with taxes here in the low wage sector. The businessman can economize more favourably and the employee needs here rises of the state. By these activities regular workplaces are destroyed since these enterprises are still more favourable like the special enterprises. You exploit the employees a lot of money and earn the citizen pays. He destroys his own workplace.

We do always not hear, the government does not have influence on the free collective bargaining. There are the minimum holiday entitlement law and the working time law. Instruments are the one who has decided on government both, in which the working time law is a dinosaur which must be reformed! Reluctant you, always, to introduce, a minimum wage. Of course this is wanted so! It is always all about the profit maximization. Shall how this understand it what the items of 12, of the constitution be pried out otherwise? Every activity is reasonable for to ALG II receiver.

This is unconstitutional as per article 1 and 2 of the general equality law. On activity is only reasonable if she is, then not more than 30% below the basic wage. Learn more about this with futurist. The wages of the rate communities have to be set here and not the temporary work. There is no reason, why during the temporary work some are paid than at a regular activity. The legislator must intervene here, however, he does do this and therefore these people are deceived. Temporary work has no lobby pays and fire, are the rule. Will, give tax reductions none. What is lowered on one side is increased again on the other side. The citizen pays the insanity of the subsidies in the banking sector, the ship breaking premium and other instruments. There is a deflation first, and within a couple of months after the insolvency of some big banks in Europe, inflation of 10-15%. Why does the government not have the courage to tell this to the citizen? Donations account Sparkasse Oberhessen 518 500 79 account code 002 705 0190 Manuel Hachenburger high forest 4 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany telephone + fax + 49 60 32 7 15 63