Feel Gift

At once want to bold and red letters in a warning – "Do not buy expensive gifts." Gift should be evaluated differently … Decide to start, which at this stage of maturity preferences of the child, to what he seeks, what it is that he does not notice, but that may come in handy and enjoy. For example, the girl is very nice dolls drawing on paper, although the lesson of fine art is not considered important. But you see, with what joy it brings imaginary line of dresses for dolls, sprayed them. Yes, it has all kinds of computer games, you can use to "nafantazirovat" any outfit. Only it's not a flight of fancy most girls.

Therefore, the best gift in that direction might be the ticket to a fashion show, which will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the famous designer. Looking at the work of creative people, a girl can be generated its own dream to give his talent the world. Another option is a gift – a set painter with beautiful colors, variety of brushes, palette and, of course, the easel. Standing with a brush and paint in front of an easel, a young soul, perhaps, Feel like a true artist and creator. You have to make a gift to the boy? A gift for a teenager of 13-16 years should affect him personally, to indicate that his interest in life giver. This means not to give "a decent and appropriate "gift, and select" on.

Ukranian Furniture

900 kg / cubic meter – a worthy replacement of the tree! But as far as particle board, you should carefully choose the furniture out of it, paying attention to the manufacturer. In Ukrainian furniture market very reliable and popular Austrian plates Egger, and plate production Concern Krono Polish and Hungarian production. The content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the plates style office furniture for the staff, the average cost of a niche market in Kiev, I propose to see the production of PE "Aleko" series for the staff of "staff" – a series of distinguished ergonomic shapes, high any configuration, allows you to create not only a place for staff and offices for middle managers. The collection is a perfect combination of price, design, ergonomics and quality, and satisfy different tastes most demanding customers. A series of staff "Zetta" – Series Zetta – is a modular system, elements of which can generate jobs of virtually any configuration. A wide range (more than 100 names) will help you develop a personal and collective jobs.

Metal supports and hard metalokarkas emphasizes both functional and stylistic features of the series Zetta. Lightweight design as small in floor space and office, decorated in the style of open space. During the creation of this series have been used the latest technology and advancements in the development of furniture fittings and accessories. In particular, significantly improved the reliability of fastening elements and modular frameworks. All models have a special collection of exquisite designs by the harmonious combination of aluminum components with light shades of the materials that consistent with recent trends in the development of office furniture. In addition to a modern ergonomic design series "Light" gives you more freedom in the office use by the modules: they allow a rapid build the full-time jobs, and the use of auxiliary elements can significantly increase the effective area tables. I wish you success in furnishing and in business.