So You Make Your Website

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Latin America

On the other hand, the fact that this practice is booming, has caused many companies to relocate their services to the cloud, without justification without aligning this action to the Organization’s strategy and business. Although apparent be an easy-to-run process, it should be taken seriously since it requires a strict adherence to the protocol agreement to the company and best practices. Why you should not take lightly? When the service offered and the infrastructure that provides them are moved to the cloud, the control of them is deposited in this and visibility that had previously been lost, so it is necessary to ensure the ability to manage what is happening with the cloud provider; or in the case of suppliers TI that have some services in the cloud, should note that the Government controls, including the processes of security and continuity, are permeated, misunderstandings and insured. We must take into account that the cloud not remedied none of the shortcomings that have the service previously, i.e. If not have defined levels of services, features, capacity, continuity, availability, security, etc.

They will be exactly the same shortcomings that relocation to the cloud. Harvey Perez consultant of Pink Elephant’s Latin America mentions: at some point everyone will have to make use in greater or lesser extent of cloud-based services however, having good practices will allow to further reduce risks. Best practices is important to companies to ensure that the provision of the service is the same as when was on site, so before using this innovative practice; should be analysed as it is our market, how you perceive our services, the regulatory aspects, as we are going to grow, the costs and which so structured and enabled today have services, since when they go to the cloud we did not observe where is information and not have Government of what is happening. As part of best practices must justify the need for businesses to move to the cloud, the advantages in relation to costs, if it is within the policies of the Organization, and as well says Harvey Perez consultant of Pink Elephant’s Latin America: it is a fact that today that we uploaded to the cloud represents a reduction because we no longer have to manage assetsgreatly reduces the part of our staff and also the part of the technology assets that help us